“Morning lazy bones!”  Ann said on the other end of the phone.
“Ann, its seven o’clock in the morning!”
“I know.”           
I shook my head.  “What’s up?  How are you?” I asked still trying to wake up.
“Mike and I are doing okay. By the way, what are your plans for today?”
I took about a second to remember it was Saturday. “I had an appointment at the salon at around 3 pm. Why?”
“Mind coming over my house at around lunch hour?” She asked.
“I’ll come over then. What are you planning?”
“You will see once you get here.”
After she hanged up, I spent another twenty minutes in bed before I woke up. I rolled over and checked on Fred. He was still sleeping although his mouth was open! How I wished I could sleep like him. He never hears anything happening while he sleeps even if it happens a few inches from him.
I washed up and started preparing breakfast. I decided to cook some pancakes instead of the usual cereal that we have each morning. I cracked the eggs open and mixed the other ingredients.  As I was cooking, Fred walked in the kitchen with his shorts half asleep. He was vigorously rubbing his eyes with his left hand. 
His hair was all shaggy.
“Morning baby!” I shouted to him while giving him a kiss on his cheeks.
“Morning” He said as he sat down on the stool next to the door. “What are you cooking? It really smells so good in here.”
“Go wash up while I continue cooking them.” I said.
Breakfast was served as soon as he came back into the kitchen. I told him about the call Ann and I had the morning and her request. His mouth was full with food so he nodded in agreement when I asked if we could go together.
“You know what they are up to?” I asked.
“I have no idea. I didn’t meet up with Mike this past week so I’m as blank as you.”
“Guess we will have to wait and see.”
At exactly one o’clock, we were at Mike and Ann’s house. Fred knocked the door and we were let in. We gave each other a hug before we sat down. I was so anxious to see what was going on. There were no traces of any surprise planned.
“Thanks for coming guys. We really appreciate.” Ann said while serving us food on the dining table.
“So what’s up?” Fred asked going straight to the point.
Mike laughed a little and shook his head. “Nothing much.”
“Seriously? You called us at seven in the morning to come over for nothing?” I asked irritated at the mind games. I was so anxious to know what the whole story was.
“Okay, we wanted to ask you if you would agree to be the god-parents to our baby.” Mike said grabbing Ann hand on the table. They looked at each other and smiled.
“Really?” Fred asked dropping his folk on the table.
“Yes, you two would make the perfect god-parents.”

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