Looking towards the future

At around five o’clock, I closed down my computer and went downstairs. Fred was waiting for me we go home together. We passed by the market and bought some food items then went home to prepare dinner. Fred helped out with most of the cooking as I was to prepare fruit juice also. We later served, went to the living room and ate as we watched a movie that we got from Mike and Ann’s place before going to bed. As I was getting out of the shower, I found Fred siting by the bed with some brochures.
“What are those?” I asked coming into the room.
“I was thinking maybe it’s time we started looking at mortgage options. We need to start thinking of the future and rent won’t be a good idea when we decide to have kids.”
“I agree. The rent is too expensive.”                                                           
“I looked at several mortgage offers today and found this.” He said handing me the papers.
I looked at the printed details on the qualifications on the mortgage options offered by several banks. For one, we were qualified to be given one. Both our salaries could sustain a mortgage and still be enough to run the house and other expenses.
“The information given here is great but which bank do we go to?” I asked.
“I think first we need to discuss the size of the house we want and how much we can be able to buy it at.”
“Maybe we need to discuss how big the family is going to be first.” I responded as I got into the bed. “How many kids do you think we should have?”
“Two maybe?” he asked.                                                                         
“I would like two also. Which gender?”
“I would love to have girls.” Fred answered “But a boy wouldn’t be bad.”
“I am open to any although I would prefer to have a boy and a girl.” I said.
“Yea, I would love that too.”         
“Do you want to start a family right away?” I asked. “Wouldn’t it be too soon?”
“Deciding to start a family doesn’t mean we will get kids right away. It may be take a while or immediately but it’s always good to think about it.”
“I have been thinking about it for a while now although I have been on contraceptives.”
“Oh, okay. So should you stop using them?”              
I didn’t reply. I wasn’t sure if I was really ready.
Fred stretched his hand and touched my back “Incase you are not ready, we can just wait. You don’t have to force yourself.”
“You are not forcing me. But for now, can we practice getting them?” I said while moving close to him.
He smiled. He grabbed me and took me under his body. He kissed me hard on the mouth before proceeding all over my body. I couldn’t resist as I too began caressing him. This went on for a few minutes until I felt him inside me. He had penetrated inside me. What followed was spontaneous; the sex was awesome. Maybe the idea of trying to get kids was not so bad!  

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