Back to Work

All the lazing I was doing on my honeymoon and few days at home made me not look forward to going back to work. The first day was tough. As I entered the office, I was warmly greeted by the secretary before going to my office. My desk was the same as I left it, messy and a little dusty. There was a card on the desk. It was from the HR who welcomed me back to work. Sweet!
I placed my bag on the chair and went to the service room where I picked a table cloth to wipe my desk with. As I arranged my desk, I noticed some files. There was a sticker placed on indicating I should start with the files. Bad time to come back to work!  It was almost end month. The company had hired another secretary and I was to create a file for her including updating the current files on the activities of the other employees.
The HR joined me an hour later. She was excited I was back and kept asking me how the wedding was plus the honeymoon. I gave her little details of the vacation and also told her that my dad had passed. She was taken back that she was speechless for a few minutes. I hadn’t told anyone at work of the sad turn around.
“Why didn’t you inform us?” She asked her hand covering her mouth.
“It was so sudden. I wasn’t really thinking straight at the time.”
“I can understand. I’m sorry.”
“Thanks but the pain is too much.” I said.
“I know. Remember when I lost my husband?” She asked. “The pain was a burden to me. The pain never ceases. The emotions are still there just not as much as the beginning. I have children and some stuff was hard for me to do since he always did them.”
“Just remember the happy times you had with him. That will always bring a smile on your face whenever you feel it’s just too much. It will get better, I promise.” She said. “It’s good that you were married before he passed away. He gave you away to another man to take care of you.”
“Thank you.”
“You are welcome.” She replied “Now you better get to work. A lot of work awaits you.”
We both smiled.
I excused myself and went to the washroom. Talking about my dad made me emotional again. I needed just a few minutes to get myself together again. I later returned to my desk and continued to work on the files.

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