Bridal Shower

My heart skipped a beat when I stepped into the room and noticed all my cousins even those I hadn’t seen in a while, my colleagues from work, my mom and aunties in the room. They were shouting and clapping their hands while I stood at the door with my mouth open.
“You better get in.” Fred whispered while tagging me.
I walked into the room and was greeted with hugs by almost everyone. There was a banner in the left side of the room with the words “Bridal Shower” in pink. The room was draped in white and small tables placed at the corners of the room where bottles of red wine stood. At one corner, I saw a table with some gifts next to cushions placed on the floor in a circular. The girls were all in sexy dresses and it seemed I might have missed the memo. Thank God I had just done my hair! I could have looked out of place.
Auntie Tina handed me a glass of red wine and directed me to the cushions that were placed at the center of the room. Others joined in and we started telling each other stories of how we were doing. As time went by, I noticed that all guys had disappeared. The guys included Fred, Mike, three cousins of mine and two pals from work. I couldn’t spot any of them in the room so I leaned in and asked Auntie Tina about their whereabouts.
“Where did the guys go to?”
“They have gone downstairs. They are having their bachelor party also in the bar.”
I was starting to get a little bit tipsy so I slowed down the wine as the girls started giving me naughty advices on the bedroom department. Things got a little bit out of hand as I started opening the presents. The things I got just left me with an open mouth. Who could have guessed that one of my aunties would go and get me a vibrator? Others included lingerie, more wine and jewelry.  The most touching gift was a customized album from Ann with pictures of us ever since we met. This almost brought a tear but I managed to be strong.
Ann put on some music and some of us decided to dance along. By now, we were so drunk to even speak straight. I was feeling so happy! I felt like I was flying on top of the world.  My cousins were the crazy lot as they kept on trying new dance moves but failed miserably. This kept us laughing most of the time.
I heard the doorbell ring. It rang twice and no one seemed to bother with it so I went and opened it. In front of me stood a tall handsome dude chewing gum like he had never had one before. He was carrying a black duffle bag.
“Hey, am looking for Catherine. She is having a bridal shower.” He asked.
“I’m Catherine. What can I do for you?”
“The question should be what I should do for you.” He said and squeezed himself into the room.

I almost shouted but I got cut short when I saw what he was doing. He went to the center of the room and started undoing his shirt. I looked at the other girls and they were all smiling. Wait a minute? Was this what I think? It was a stripper!!

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