Intruder in the Night

We were just settling in to sleep in the guest room when we heard the dogs bark. We ignored them and started changing into our sleeping attire. My parents had decided to assign us the guest room as i was already a ‘wife’ and it would give us the privacy we wanted. True, I couldn’t face myself sleeping in my old room that was adjacent to their room. It would have been too weird.
The dogs barked for quite a while that it prompted Fred to come out of the house and check what was happening. I didn’t want to go out so I peeped through the window and saw dad. He was carrying a torch dressed in his bathrobe. Some of the backyard lights were not working. It was really dim. Fred joined him and together they disappeared into the darkness. About ten minutes later, Fred came back and said they didn’t notice anything. So we went back and slept.
Early the next morning, we left our little room and joined the family in breakfast. My parents usually had the breakfast early in the day whether it was a weekday or not so we had no choice but to follow suit. It was then that we were informed that last night commotion was caused by some monkeys that were trying to steal mango fruits from the farm. Dad knew this as they had left a trace of fruits along the way as they were being chased by the dogs. Guess the animals had crossed over from the nearby forest to look for food. Luckily for us, nothing was destroyed.
I helped mum serve breakfast to the ‘boys’. She had taken time to cook some pancakes, sausages and prepared fresh mango juice. Dad took coffee as was his usual with the pancakes. Fred took juice and had some serving of the sausages that were placed infront of him.
“You slept well?” Dad asked both Fred and I.
“Yes sir. The bed was really comfortable.” Fred answered.
“Good to know. Sorry about the commotion yesterday. It is not usually like this.” Dad said.
“I understand.” Fred said.                       
“How are your parents?” Mum asked taking a bite of the folded pancake.
“They are all doing well. They passed their greetings to you all.”
“Oh that’s good. I would love to meet them.”
“Mum, you will meet them soon.” I answered.
After breakfast, I cleared up the table and started washing up the utensils. Meanwhile, dad took the opportunity to show Fred around the farm. He was really proud of his plants and would show anyone who was interested around. Mum and I also took time to catch up. She asked all about aunt Tina and how my work was going on. I also informed her of the plans we had for the wedding. Fred’s parents had agreed to support us in whatever plans we decided on.
“I’m proud of you baby.” Mum said while hugging me. “We are going to support you all the way.”
“Thanks mum.”

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