The trip back home was short but was really happy to get back the ring. It really meant a lot for me and it would have been sad if it went the other way.
I was walking towards the bedroom when I bumped into Ann. She was on the phone laughing out loudly and she seemed really excited. I walked past her and went to make my bed.  After two minutes, Ann came by and jumped into my bed. Apparently, she had been talking to Mike and he had agreed to support her in the pregnancy.  Thank God! This issue was really taking a toll on her despite her best effort to maintain a strong face.
“I’m going to see him.” She said.
“Right now?” I asked.
“Yea…we have a lot to talk about. I think the sooner we do that, the better for us.”
“True. I’m glad you guys are going to do this together.”
“Me too.” She replied. “I really hope we get married one day!”
“You will dear, just be patient with him. I also can’t wait for you guys to get hitched.”
After she left, I started flipping over a magazine while waiting for Fred. He had called early in the morning and asked if he would come over. Since I was going to be alone with him, I was planning to take advantage of this opportunity. Ever since we got engaged, our sex sessions have been on a downwards spiral. I missed making love to him. With the rise in work issues and wedding preparations, we have not been spending time together as we would like. The trip we made to see his parents and the oncoming visit to see my parents made things more complicated. I also planned to try and talk to him about us spending more time together.
Fred showed up a few minutes later. He was dressed in denim shorts, black leather sandals and a white tee. It seemed he had also taken time to shave his beard which gave him a clean look. After a hug and a kiss, I welcomed him to the house while I went to the kitchen to serve him some juice. I was just about to turn around to go back to him when I felt his body behind me. He tried kissing my neck from the back. Taking the cue, I turned around and faced him. We started kissing as he gently fondled with my breasts. Suddenly, he lifted me up and placed me up on the kitchen table. The glass of juice that I had just prepared was knocked over and spilled to the floor. We giggled and decided to continue the rest in the bedroom. It seemed like we were both hungry for sex as the intensity we had in it was so strong. We were both grasping for air when we were done. I looked at Fred and smiled. I slowly lifted my head and placed it over his chest.

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