The Search

I didn’t really sleep well that night. I could not help but think about the missing ring and how Fred would react to the news. Thank God today was a Sunday. I didn’t have to stress myself by going to work. Lying in bed while listening to music, I tried to figure out where I could have lost it. We had gone to the park yesterday, so it might have slipped while we were having the picnic.
I ran over to Ann’s room and woke her up. Still sleepy, she readily accepted when I asked her if she could take me to the park and look for the ring. We prepared ourselves before calling a cab to take us to the park. I got a call from Fred while we were still waiting for the cab and I was so tense that my hands were shaking. He asked if he would come over later on.  I didn’t want him to know something was wrong so I told him it was okay.
“Kate, the cab is here.” Ann said while shaking me. My mind had drifted off.
I nodded. “Let’s go.”
The taxi took us to the park in record time as the roads were almost empty. We alighted and quickly ran to the spot we were seated.  I could only see two guys jogging away. Searching through the grass and twigs was not easy.  I got frustrated when after almost thirty minutes, we didn’t find anything. Ann started walking around the tree and the direction where we had come from. I got up and started to walk towards the pond. Fred and I had taken time to talk while walking around it so I assumed maybe it had fallen near it. Walking slowly while checking the ground, I went around it. Ann was still checking on the other side so I decided to check again at the edges of the pond. My heart was beating so fast with every step I took. I wished it would just appear miraculously.
The sun was getting hot so we went to a stand located in the middle of the park and took some lemonade. Ann and I started talking regarding the search when we were interrupted by the guy who was selling the drinks.
“Excuse me.” He started.
“Yes?” Ann asked. I kept quiet.
“I couldn’t help but hear what you ladies were talking about. Did you lose something?” he asked.
“A ring. We lost it yesterday evening.” Ann replied.
“What kind of a ring?”
“It is an engagement ring. Have you seen it?” I asked.
“I found a ring yesterday while closing up. It was near the huge tree. I wasn’t sure what to do with it so I 
kept it until I found the owner.”
I quickly rose up. “May I see it?”
“Sure.” He replied. He dashed back to the stand and came out with a ring on his hands.
“OMG! It is the one!” I shouted.
Ann leaned over and took a look at it well. “Thank you sir.”
“Glad I could help you out.” He said with a smile.


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