Home Sweet Home

The following week flew past quickly. My workmate and head of HR reported to duty on Tuesday after the death and burial of her husband. Although she didn’t talk much, she seemed to be holding up well despite the circumstances. Since I had helped in on some of her work while she was away, she didn’t have much to do except overseeing of daily activities in the office.
Meanwhile, Ann and Mike kept on discussing their issues and it really worked well. Fred and I suggested we move in together while Ann and Mike stay back into our apartment. With this plan, each of us was assured of spending more time with the significant other. So on Thursday night, I moved my stuff over to Fred’s while Mike shifted back to my house. It wasn’t easy letting go of the first apartment I lived since joining college but sometimes letting go is the right decision. Ann and I both cried a little up when we said goodbyes, not because we would not see each other again, but because of the achievements we had seen each other go through.
The trip to my parents place was still on. I had communicated with them throughout the week on the arrangements and they were so excited. Fred and I planned to travel on Friday evening since it wasn’t that far then be back by Sunday afternoon. My mum was so glad he could get a chance to meet up with Fred since she had heard much about him.
When the clock struck 5 o’clock on Friday evening, Fred and I rushed from the office and got into the car that we had hired. Since we had earlier packed our clothes in one bag, we had put it in the back seat so all we had to do was just drive off.  The trip was without much drama except when the car broke down on the highway because of gas. Luckily for us, a gas station was nearby so Fred ran over with a five liter container and bought some fuel. The rest of the trip went well without any hitches.
We arrived home around seven thirty and packed the car under the shade before allowing ourselves into the house. The front door was not locked which was so unusual for them. No one was in the living room although the television set was on. We heard some noises in the kitchen so we went in. My dad and mum were around the cooker stirring up some stew. They didn’t seem to even notice that we were in the house.
“Mmmhh,  Mmmhh.” Fred loudly cleared his voice.
 Dad and mum quickly turned around surprised but they put a smile when they saw us.
“When did you children get here?” My dad asked while giving us a hug.
“We just got in.” I replied.
“Welcome home you two.” My mum said while directing us to some seats on the dining table. “You are just in time for dinner.”
“Thank you.” Both Fred and I chorused.
After a delicious home cooked meal, my mum went and started showing Fred some of the pictures of when we were younger. Although embarrassing, I didn’t object and chose to talk to dad.
“Where are the others?” I asked. “I thought we were going to find a full house.”
“That was the plan but your siblings promised to get here tomorrow morning. They had some matters they had to solve before coming.”
“Okay, fair enough. So how have you been?” I asked.
“I have been doing okay. I’m taking my medications as the doctor ordered and your mum has been a great deal of help.” 

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