Of Weight Gain

 Ann had cooked some mashed potatoes and beef stew so we sat down a little bit later and ate it together. 
“So when are you getting back to work?” I asked.
“I’ll report back on Monday morning. I only have this weekend free.” She replied.
“At least you had some time to relax. I can see it did you good!” I said while smiling at her.
“What do you mean by that?” she asked.
“Ann, since you came back you have been glowing all over. I can’t help notice but you gained a little bit of weight too.”
“Yea, guess so.” She said while taking some of food.
“Is everything alright?” I asked.
“Yes. “
“Are you sure?” I asked again. “You know you can tell me anything?”
“You have to promise me not to tell anyone.”
“I promise.” I said quickly.
“I’m pregnant.”
“You better believe it.” She said still eating her food.
“Oh my God! Ann, stop joking!”
“Do I look like am I kidding?” she asked sounding angry.
“No but am surprised. So how long are you?”
“I’m about eight weeks.”
“Does anyone else know about this? Mike?” I asked.
“No. I haven’t told him yet. It’s not something that we planned and I am afraid of his reaction.”
“I understand. So what are you going to do about it?” 
“I don’t know but it seems I can’t hide it anymore. Most people have noticed the weight gain including Mike. I just have to tell him.”
I kept silent for a while not knowing what to tell her. Her situation reminded me a lot about my case a while back. I was caught up in the same situation and I had no idea what to do but I ended up terminating it. Although I don’t regret the decision, it was really a hard choice to decide on.
“Hey, what are you thinking about?” Ann asked while she tapped my shoulders.
“Sorry, my mind had just wondered off. I think talking with Mike would be the best thing for both of you.”
“Yea, I guess so.”
“You can talk to him tomorrow. It’s a Saturday and he is free most of the time.” I suggested.
“You are right. I’ll call him up and set up something.” She replied.
I picked up the utensils and helped by cleaning up the kitchen. I then took a shower after finishing with the cleaning. I was really tired from the day’s work and just wanted to rest. As I was about to sleep, I remembered the gown I had bought just a few hours ago. I quickly woke up and hang it on the closet. It still looked beautiful although it was wrapped up. I smiled and closed my eyes.

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