Morning Sickness

I woke up the next morning after I heard my phone vibrate for a second. That had to be a text. I first looked at the time-it was nine thirty. I then proceeded to check the text. There were two of them-one from Fred and the other from Mike.
Fred’s text started with the usual-he asked if I had a good night sleep. He also asked if I could spare some time off today for some picnic at a nearby park. He finished off jokingly by asking me if I bought the dress that I had admired from the day before. The second text which was from Mike asked me if I could also spare time for the picnic. I wondered what these boys were up to!
I pulled the blankets over and walked over to the bathroom. I was so pressed. As I was still doing my business, I heard a thud on the door followed by Ann shouting on top of her voice to hurry up. Confused, I finished up quickly and opened the door. She rushed in, knelt over the toilet seat and then threw up. I didn’t know if it was wise for me to leave her alone or try to help her. I then figured she would need water so I walked over to the kitchen and got a glass of water. She finished the glass in one gulp which forced me to pour her another. After some time, she seemed to get better.  This was definitely morning sickness as a result of the pregnancy. I pitied her.
I helped her to the living room and sat her on the couch. I decided to cook for her breakfast. She seemed weak and tired already. I heated up some coffee, cooked some eggs and prepared some fruits and gave it to her while I dashed to the bathroom for a quick shower. I later joined her and had breakfast.
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“Yea, thanks for the help back there.” She replied while stretching out her arms.             
“You welcome. By the way, has Mike talked to you this morning?” I asked. “I have received a text from him asking me if I could join them for a picnic.”
“Actually it was my idea. I thought it would be good to catch up and have some fun so I called them up early in the morning and asked if we could go. It also would be a good time for me to talk to Mike about everything without much pressure.” She replied.
“Wow, seemed you really thought about it.”
“Actually, it was just a random thought.”

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