Impulse buying

I had returned to the shop after work to inquire about the dress only to be hit by a price that I didn’t expect.  The gown was worth at nine hundred and sixty dollars! It was way over my budget. I had earlier made up my mind to keep it simple without the whole hullabaloo about the wedding dress but this dress made me change my mind.
The shop assistant was really nice and asked me if I wished to try on the dress. I couldn’t say no so I quickly made my way into the dressing room and slipped into the dress. Guess what? The dress fitted me perfectly! It needed no alterations. I stepped onto a platform that was placed in front of the mirror and checked myself. I looked beautiful! The silk material framed my figure perfectly with the straps holding it up exposing a small part of my cleavage. The ivory color matched my skin tone perfectly. The front part didn’t have much detail except a small silver band that framed the waist in. The backside was a bit lower with some crystals going all the way down to the train. I tried on a bracelet and a matching earing which completed the whole look.  This is good! I felt like calling up Ann and telling her about this but figured I could wait until I get home.
In addition to the jewelry, the total came to nine hundred and eighty dollars. I didn’t know if I was making the right decision but I gave the assistant my card and bought it all. It was long since I treated myself and this would be the perfect excuse. I picked up the package after changing and left for my place.
I found Ann on the balcony eating some fruits. She immediately noticed the package and became excited.
“What is that?” She asked standing up.
“My dress.”  I said while smiling at her.
“Can I see it?” she asked pulling the package away from me.
“Okay, okay. Let’s go to the house first.”
I showed her the dress as soon as we entered the house and she let out a scream.
“Oh my Lord! This looks like a wedding dress.” She shouted.
I nodded.
“You already bought the wedding dress and you didn’t think to tag me along?” she asked.
“Sorry, it was a random thing. I couldn’t resist it.”
“It’s so beautiful. I could have bought it too.” She said trying on the bracelet. “This is funny. We have a wedding dress ready and we haven’t yet figured when the actual wedding date is.”
We both laughed.

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