Normalcy Returns

The days went about quickly after the big holiday and it was soon time for me to go back to my place. January was here. The weather was really nasty but things still had to be done. I missed my family so much but I had planned to go there in a few weeks.
I returned to the city alone as Fred had some stuff to do with his family. I traveled alone by bus but it was not fun. I missed his company but I was really glad that I enjoyed the holidays. Change of scenery was good for us all and we accomplished a lot of things through the visit.
I got to work the following day but work was so slow. For one, not all the bosses had returned to work so we spent a lot of time chatting up with the work mates. From the Christmas stories to New Year resolutions, the stories helped time move. I called up Mike and Ann during the lunch hour session and they were doing okay. Mike was already on a bus coming over while Ann had still one week with her parents. I missed her!
As the day slowly ended, I was so glad. I rushed home, took some laundry to the cleaners and washed up the flat. After all the work, I was so hungry since I had only taken a snack during lunch. I rushed to the fridge but it was empty except some carrots and peas on the lower shelf. I didn’t feel like going by the grocery store so I ordered up a medium sized pizza. 
As I was waiting, I received a call from Mike. He had already arrived safely and was chilling out at his place. He had a present for me! I really wondered what it would be but guess I would have to wait for it tomorrow as we had arranged to hook up.
The door bell rang a few minutes later. I went to answer it and was really glad as it was the pizza delivery. I paid the man, grabbed it and ate it while watching the evening news.  I don’t think I finished watching the news as I woke up an hour later on the couch. 

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