A little bit late

It’s Friday..Yay!
As I woke up this morning, I couldn’t help but feel so happy and adventurous. I dressed up quickly and dashed to the office. There was some pending work from the day before so I concentrated on that which kept me busy for most part of the morning. At around noon, I was really tired so I checked out the newspaper but nothing caught my eyes.
I texted Sam and told him we can hook up at one that afternoon. I gave him the name of the restaurant that we were to meet and he replied a second later. His text contained only one letter. It simply said ‘k’. I really hate that especially when I have taken time to text a long message then all I get is just one letter!
Since I didn’t want Fred to know that I was meeting up with Sam, I sent a text to him also and told him that I was going to have lunch with a pal so he didn’t have to wait for me. He was okay with it so around one, I walked over to the restaurant where I was to meet Sam. The hotel was about two blocks from where the office was.
I checked out the place when I entered but Sam was nowhere to be seen. So I took a table near the window and ordered some French fries while waiting for him. Fifteen minutes later, I was done with my lunch and he had not showed up. I decided to call him up but it went straight to voice mail. So I ordered a soda which I drank slowly giving him more time. Then I heard some commotion. I looked up and saw it was Sam. He was talking to the waiter and it seems dramatic. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but figured they were shouting at each other.
“Hey.” He said when he came over.
“Hi.” I said. “What was that about?”
“It’s nothing. The waiter is just foolish. He nearly knocked me over when I was coming in.”
“You kinda deserve it.”  I said.
“Yea, you kept me waiting for nearly half an hour and you didn’t even text to say you were arriving late.”
“I’m so sorry.” He said looking apologetic.
“So what did you want to say to me?”
“Can I just have a soda before we talk?”
“No, just say what you were to tell me. I have to go back to the office.”
“Kate…” he started.
“No Sam, I have no time.”
“Okay, I know this might seem weird but I need you in my life. I was such an ass when we were together and I deeply regret it.”
“Since when did you start apologizing?”
“Kate, I have changed.”
I gave out a loud laugh that spooked the guys next to us. “Stop joking.”
“I’m serious!” he replied.
I looked up to his face and realized he was serious.
“Sam, we can’t do this right now.”
“You are kind of late about that. I’m already engaged.”

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