After breakfast, I went into the room and called my mom. I had missed her so much. I wanted to wish her the best in this Christmas day. It was the first time that I was not around family during such an occasion. I got a chance to also talk to dad and my brothers.
“Hey dear.”  My dad called out.
“Hi dad, merry Christmas.” I said.
“Merry Christmas to you too.  How is everything going on?” He added.
“Its great dad. The family is really nice and I am enjoying the visit.” 
“That’s good. We will talk to you later on.”
“Okay dad.  I love you.”          
“I love you, sweetheart.” He said and hung up.
I got some texts from friends, relatives and work mates wishing me a happy Christmas day.  Ann called and told me that she was still at her parents’ home. They were having a low key celebration.
I felt a tap on my shoulders. It was Fred. He asked if I could change into something a little more comfortable. Apparently this family usually had its holidays in a big way as I was soon to find out. Around one in the afternoon, we drove up to the lake nearby where we found two of the chefs had already prepared lunch buffet for us under a tree. We indulged and made merry before some of us decided to go for a swim in the lake. It was such an impromptu decision as none of us had carried any swimming costume. It was fun never the less. I think I am getting used to this!
At dinner time, we headed to a restaurant in town. The five course meal appeared so damn expensive but none of them seemed to mind. I smiled as I tasted some of the food that I only heard about on the food channels. This is life!

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