Wise Words

Monday’s are never my best days. The alarm rang fifteen minutes ago and still didn’t feel like waking up. On the line was my new found job ( I was only a month old) which I could easily loose and on the other side, was this warm bed giving me the warmth I desperately needed on this cold morning.

As I prepared myself to go to work, I kept thinking of how life was about to change for me. Yes, it all seemed too dreamy at this stage but it was going to be so real in the coming days. I was so songle last week but now things have already gone a step higher.

It seemed like everyone had gotten the memo of me being engaged at the office. From the receptionist to the head of IT department congratulating me on the big news. The HR manager immediately gave me the answer that I desperately needed. It was Fred who shared the news! Whatever happened to keeping out personal life out of the office?

After the smiling session that I managed to give to people on the congratulations, I texted Fred on when he gave word out on us being engaged. He replied a second later informing me that after dinner, he had texted his buddies over at the IT department on the news. Apparently to protect the ‘territory’ since Edwin was on my back on wanting me to go out with him. Men!!

Tina and I hooked up later in the day and went to the mall to get something for Fred’s parents. Jewelery was not the best option same for some sweaters on display over at the sale section. Finally after about two hours, we both agreed to get a flower vase. At least it would be the best option than wine incase if one of them does not drink. As the shop attendant took time to wrap it up for us, I decided to ask Tina about the whole marriage thing.

“Marriages are not the same dear sister.” She started. “What I have experienced in mine will definately not what you will have so just be positive in this.”

“Are you sure?” I asked not convinced.

“You love him, right?”

“Very much.” I replied.

“Then focus on the good things he offers you and not the negative. That will keep you guys together for a long time.”

“Okay. What about the parents?”

“The parents always have an opinion in this but remember it’s about you two. You have to fight for your love sweetheart. Just be real when you go meet him and they will love you for whom you are.” Tina said then gave me a wink.

“The shop attendant interrupted us with the already wrapped gift and we left the store. Who would have guessed I would leave the store with a present and some wise words?

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