The Visit

Ever wondered why days go faster when you don’t want them to? Yea, that’s my case right now. It is already Friday and my heart is already beating faster as we are going to visit Fred’s parents tomorrow for the holidays. I have been packing clothes for the last one hour but kept returning and replacing some clothes as I wasn’t sure if they were appropriate for the visit. My phones rings. Its Fred.

“Hey, you home?” He asks.

“Yea. Whats up?”

“Is my blue Polo shirt over there?”

“I think so.” I reply with a quized look.

“Mind packing it for me?”

“No problem.” I say while walking across the bedroom to search for it.

“Thanks. So ill see you tomorrow. Ill be picking you up by nine thirty.”

“Okay, see you.”

I hang up the phone and text Ann about our trip to Fred’s place. She is still at her parents place for the festivities. She will be coming so back early next year but was glad that we were making this trip.

Saturday morning and the trip starts to his home. Fred had hired a car and we were going to use it until we come back. It was a three hour drive from my place but with the weather being so beautiful, I was really enjoying the whole drive.

As we approached the compound, the view of the house was superb. They had a beautiful house. A lady was standing at the door but I quickly identified her as his mom. She was smiling as we packed the car at the garage and came to open the door for me. I was given a hug and a kiss on the cheek while being welcomed in the house. As Fred opened the door, we were surprised as there were many people inside. Handshakes were passed around but most of them were kind of fixated on me. I felt uncomfortable.

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