“Knowing each other’

“Come this way.” I heard my name called by a lady with beautiful hair tied in a pony. “I’m Polly by the way.”

“Oh, I’m Kate.” I said while being dragged through the house to the family room.

“We all know who you are.” Polly replied smiling.

As I was adjusting myself in the seat, everyone followed and we sat around. I was realy tense and I bet Fred saw this as he stood up and started the introductions.

“Everyone, thanks for coming. Glad we are all together at this time. I brought along a special person with me. She is Catherine, my fiance.” Fred started. “Catherine, you are welcomed to our home.”

“Thank you.” I said.

“As you can remember, my parents.” He said while pointing to his left where his parents were seated holding hands. “Next to them is my Uncle Pete and aunt Mary. Ann over there by the window is the daughter.”

I waved and smiled at her. She waved back.

“This is Polly and Charlie, my cousins and the kids who are outside Kitty and Sean.” He said. “You will know the others who are not here as time goes.”

Fred’s mom directed us to the adjacent room where the dinning table was. The long mahogany table which filled almost the entire room was decorated with cutlery and food served in bowls placed in the middle. I went to the corner of the room and washed my hands at the sink before joining the others at the table. I sat next to Fred and Polly on my side but directly opposite Uncle Pete and the wife Mary. A prayer was made before we started eating.

This family was not without drama. From the laughter that went around during the entire time, to the insults (Sean to his sister Kitty) and the welcome that I was given severally, it all seemed that this was a very tight family. Glad I was joining them!!

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