All about the Parents

“Are you sure?” he asked. “You are the first chick I have met who has no interest in such.”

“Yes, I have never thought about it.”

“You are wierd.”

“You can say that again. Was thinking we can just do a small ceremony where we get to invite few friends and family. I think that will be okay for both of us.”

“Yea, that will be okay. When do you think we can arrange the ceremony?”

“I don’t know. For now we can concentrate on visiting the family first then tell them.” I said.

“Can we go this weekend? They will be home as its the holidays and you will get to meet all of them at once.”

“I’m not that busy so guess we have a date then. You think they will like me?” I asked nervously.

He put his hands over me and gave me a squeeze. “They will be very happy to meet you.”

“Okay, you can call and inform them you are going over home with me.” I said and gave him a kiss on the lips.

“That will be done.” he said and we resumed watching the movie.

My head was spinning on what to get Fred’s parents as gifts. The weekend that we were going to visit was the Christmas weekend and it won’t be good showing up empty handed. I didn’t want to call my mom and ask about it as she would go on and inform me on the clothes, hairstyle to have on and other things so I chose to call my cousin Tina for assistance. She was readily willing to help so we organize to meet in town the following day after work for some shopping. Phew, at least that was all sorted out.

Ann later called in the evening to check on me and how things were going on. I updated her on the new plans on going to see the parents and waiting until we finish the discussion so that we set a date. she was thrilled and asked I keep her updated on things.

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