Of laughter

By the end of the day, I was so tired that I just went home. Ann was already in the house when I arrived so we organized something to eat for dinner. I told her about my meeting with Fred’s mom while cutting up some tomatoes. She was really excited about it.

After having dinner, I called my mom. I had missed her so much. The family was doing okay and she was glad I called. I felt like talking to her about Fred’s accident but I didn’t. I just updated her about how the job was going on and life in general.

The next morning, we went to the hospital again to visit Fred. His parents were in the room as we arrived.  Fred had sat up on the bed having a glass of juice. I greeted the parents and went to hug Fred. I was so excited seeing him all recovered and able to do some simple stuff that he couldn’t do the day before. Ann and Mike all followed and said hi to Fred.

“I bet you are feeling much better?” I asked.

“Yes.” Fred answered. “I feel fine.”

“That’s nice. You had made us all worried for a moment there.” Mike added and everyone burst out laughing.

“Sorry guys.” Fred answered.

“It’s okay. Mind telling us what really happened?” Mike asked.

“I was heading to Steve’s place to watch the finals of the match. The car that i was in suddenly skid off the road and hit an oncoming truck that was headed our direction. The driver tried to maneuver the vehicle but with minimal success.”

“I’m sorry baby.” Fred’s mom said.

“It’s okay mom. At least no one got critically hurt.” Fred answered. “By the way Kate, does the company know what happened?”

“Yes. I reported to the HR so don’t worry.” I answered.

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