Meet the Parents

Mike walked back to the room with a frown on his face. He sat down and told us Fred’s parents knew about the accident after Fred giving out their numbers to the hospital staff. They were requesting Mike to meet them tomorrow morning at the hospital. As we prepared to sleep, I was getting more nervous to meeting Fred’s parents under such circumstances. Would they blame me for letting him go to watch the game alone?

At exactly five thirty o’clock the following morning, I was up. I took a shower and dressed up. Meanwhile Mike and Ann who woke up a few minutes late, were rushing to prepare themselves up while i was taking breakfast. It really looked comical.

By six thirty, we were out of the house. The traffic was really messed up from the time we joined the main road to the hospital. It was drizzling so this was making it even more hard to drive as cars were slowing down to prevent skidding on the highway. Luckily, we managed to arrive to the hospital at seven fifteen. We rushed through the doors, through the corridors until we reached his room. The number on the door (11A) gave me the creeps. Mike knocked and entered as we followed. There were two elderly couple sitted facing the bed on the left side of the room. They seemed surprised when they saw us bulging into the room but the expression changed when the looked at Mike.

The woman slowly rose and came and hugged Mike. The man gently gave him a pat on the back silently. Mike then turned to us and introduced us.

“Guys, this is Fred’s mom Linda and dad Steve.”

We shook hands with them each of us telling them our names. They were really happy.

“So Mike, how did this happen?” Linda asked while sitting back to her chair.

As Mike narrated the ordeal that befell her son, i kept a close eye to Fred’s mom. Although she was elderly, she was still a beautiful woman. The nails were neatly done and she had a little bit of make up on her. The long hair was tied up in a loosely low ponytail. Steve on the other hand, was an exact copy of his son. They really looked alike.

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