A prayer

“Fred, are you okay?” I asked moving closer to him. I managed to grab his under which was under the sheets.

“He can’t hear you. He is asleep.” The doctor told me when he saw the concerned look on my face. “He is under drugs to reduce the pain he is in.”

“Okay. Was he brought alone?” I asked.

“No, but he was the only one who suffered most injuries. The others were discharged after a few hours.I suggest you give him time to rest so that he can heal quickly. You should all go home.”

“But..” I started.

“You should understand the situation. He is under drugs and this can take hours. You can pop in tomorrow morning as he will be in a better condition to talk to you all.” The doctor said.

I looked at Mike then Ann. All of them nodded to what the doctor was saying. I had no choice.

“We will come back tomorrow.” I said.

“Okay. Be sure to check the visiting hours before you leave. You will only be allowed in during that period.” he added.

Ann and I walked towards the carpark while waiting for Mike to join us. He had gone to confirm the time that we can be able to come see Fred in the hospital. I entered the car to have a seat as I felt too drained to stand anymore. Ann joined a second later.

“The visiting hours are from seven o’clock to nine in the morning. I think if we arrange ourselves by waking up early, we can be here on time before going to work.” Mike said when he entered the car.

“I think that is okay.” I answered him. “Ill have to wake up an hour early in order to make it.”

“I’m fine with it. Mike, you can come for a sleepover today so that it won’t be a hustle for you tomorrow.” Ann said.

“It is fine with me.” Mike said.

“I think we also need to pray.” I said when Mike started driving.

“Huh?” Mike asked.

“We should all say a prayer for Fred.”

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