Around Ten o’clock, I decided to retire to bed and get some sleep. I was so damn sleepy even though I had taken a nap a few minutes ago. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sense of urge to call Fred. I didn’t understand why at first but the events that followed gave me a definite answer. I gave him a call just to check up on him again. It rang but no one was picking. I tried again but still, no one picked it. I thought he was already asleep so I gave up and returned to bed.

I woke up the following morning and prepared myself for work. It was a really beautiful morning with the sun appearing as if it was peeping at the horizon. I arrived at the office on time and quickly went to the office to start my work on the way. The hours seemed to move as quickly as I wished. Just before noon, I texted Fred if we could catch up for lunch in around forty minutes. I didn’t get a reply.

What was wrong with him?  Why was he not picking up or replying my calls and texts? I decided to call him again. Still there was no answer.

Around fifteen minutes to one o’clock, I received a call from Mike.

“Hey Kate?”

“How you doing?” I replied.

“Not really good. Are you at work?”


“Would you mind meeting me infront of your building in five minutes? I have something to tell you.”

“Ahh, okay. Hope it is nothing serious?” I said.

“Ill be near the entrance.” He said and hang up.

I took my bag and headed downstairs. We could even have lunch with him as he tells me on the matter, so I thought. I saw him on the entrance and approached him. I gave him a hug but the look on his eyes made me worried.

“So what is this you want to say?” I asked.

“Sorry Kate for coming without saying before but its about Fred.”

“What about Fred?”

“He got into an accident yesterday night.”

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