Back Home..

On our way home, we stopped at a food joint to get some french fries. I was so hungry. I knew there was nothing I could eat in the house so it was better I took a take away. When we arrived in the house, we all sat down together and started eating.

“Mike, do you have Fred’s parents number?” I asked.

“Yea..for his mother.” he answered taking a bite.

“After you finish eating, please give me the number so that I can inform them of what has happened to Fred.” I said.


We continued to eat in silence. I went and picked a pack of juice and started serving Mike and Ann but Mike’s phone rang. As he was gearing up to answer it, his facial expressions changed.

“Who is that?” Ann asked. She had noticed it too.

“Its Fred’s mom!” Mike answered.

“Just talk to her Mike. You never know what she wants to talk to you about.” Ann responded while taking the plates to the kitchen.

Mike took the call but went to the balcony to answer it so we couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation. Ann came back and sat on the couch and changed the channel that was showing.

“Do you think she knows?” Ann asked.


“Fred’s mom. Do you think she knows that Fred was involved in the accident?”

“I really don’t know. I guess we have to wait and see.”

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