“So just friends?” I asked again just to be sure.


“I think they will definitely come to find out about it soon.”

“They will get ideas but we will not confirm it. I’m just a friend of yours. You know, the company is against the employees dating so it wil really bring a lot of issues. Just trust me on this. You have just started working and I wouldn’t want to cut it short.” he said. I looked up his eyes and could tell he was really serious with this.

“Okay. We better get back to the office. Time is almost up!” I said trying to cut short the conversation.

“Okay. Are you sure you okay with the plan?” he asked again.

I nodded.

“Alright then. Just give me a few seconds.” Fred said. He rose up and went to the sink where he cleaned his hands and motioned me to go with him out of the door.

Back to the office, I continued looking at the files and updating some of the information to the computer. Man, this was actually tiring than I had anticipated. The HR came and added me more data to be checked up and this kind of doubled up the work. I was really counting up the hours to the end of the day. I felt worn out already and it was only the first day.

I checked the watch again. One hour to go.

Gosh, this is really going more slowly than I thought. I decided to text Ann asking if we can meet in town then go home together. She replied a second later saying she was okay with it. Good, at least ill have someone to bug.

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