Of Hunger Pangs

The funny thing with plans is most of them don’t see the light of the day. We never went out to buy food at the kiosk. I thought i should change my outfit into something more relaxing before we head out. As i finished changing, I rested on the bed and fell asleep. Apparently Ann had taken one too at the couch.

I woke up and looked at my mobile to check the time. It was eight thirty four! Oh my! I slept for almost three hours and so damn hungry. After checking up on Ann, I woke her up and asked if she would mind a pizza for dinner. I was too tired to cook today. She accepted and called a local food eatery that was located nearby. They didn’t have the regular sized pizza so we had to order the family size.

“Hey, you have to add me more money. They only have the family size pizza.” I said to Ann.

“Okay, no problem.” She said while waking up from the couch and to the bedroom where she came back with a few more cash. “I’m bored. wanna watch a movie?”

“Nah, I think ill go and iron clothes for tomorrow.” I said while I returned to the bedroom.

“Can i add you some of mine?” Ann shouted.


As i was ironing my shirt, some thoughts came to me. Ann is really behaving weird these days. It is as if she had given up on life in general. Whatever the issue is with Mike, it was to be resolved as quickly as possible. On Fred, he had promised me earlier to call after the game was up. The game should have been over ages ago and I haven’t got his call. I should call him.

It was on voicemail.

I decided not to leave a message for him but rather cal him later. I heard the doorbell ring and quickly went for it. It was the pizza. Mmmhh…nothing smells as good a hot barbecued pizza. I paid the guy and he left.

Now, I can indulge.

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