“So what are we doing tonight?” Fred asked after we were done.

“I really have no idea. We can wait for Ann to come then we can decide.” I replied while looking at the clock.

“Yea, that is a good idea.” He said.

So I put on a movie and we started watching on the couch as we were waiting for Ann to arrive. It was around six fifteen and mostly she would have arrived. The movie was a rom-com about young couple moving into a new house in a new state and the issues they had to experience during the time. It was really funny and we were so consumed into it that we didn’t notice Ann come in.

“Hey guys.”Ann said while sitting down.

“Where did you come from?” Fred asked surprised.

“Through the same door you guys came in.” Ann replied laughing. “Which movie is this?”

“I really didn’t see you coming. I have even forgotten the name of the movie.” I said.

“Its okay. It looks really funny.”

“Yea, you will enjoy it. How was your day?”

“It wasn’t that good.”

“What’s up? I asked.

“I had some issues with the human resource department in the office.”

“So sorry.”

“Its okay. It went well at the end.”

“Ann, we were waiting for you. What do you think we should have for dinner?” Fred asked switching off the telly.

“Can we have it at the diner? I don’t feel like cooking.”

“Yes, we can do that too.” Fred said kissing me on the cheeks.

“Oh, you guys should go to the room already.”

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