First Day

My footsteps are very heavy as we make our way to the office with Fred. It was a chilly morning and my thoughts were on the first day.  I cannot believe I spent most of the evening finding something to wear only to end up with the first outfit I had picked out before.

“Seriously, you made us late.” Fred says looking at me.

“I’m sorry. I overslept.” I said.

“But you had a whole two weeks to sort your self out!”

“So sorry. At least we have made it there without any mishaps.” I say convincingly.


We take the stairs of the main entrance to the office then the elevators. A second hadn’t passed as the doors open up and we find ourselves on the second floor of the office. Fred motions me to go to the receptionist while he passes briskly and heads to the directions he sits on.

“Morning. I’m here for the job meant to start today.” I tell the lady.

“Are you Catherine?” She asks while checking a file.


“Okay, welcome. Please have a seat while I prepare your desk.” She says smiling.

She then proceeds to walk to the other end of the office behind a glass wall. I couldn’t see her well so I took time to view the office well. After ten minutes or so, she came back and asked me to follow her.

“This is your desk. Feel free and the HR will update you on what to do.”

“Thank you.” I said as I moved closer to the desk.

The office was beautiful. I couldn’t believe that I was having all this by myself. I sat on the chair. Put on the computer and leaned on the chair. The desk was almost bare except the notebook, few pens and a ruler.

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