The Odds

The alarm went off at exactly eight o’clock.

Damn! I hated alarms. It was already Friday and remembered that my mother was coming to town today. I dragged myself out of bed, I walked up to the bathroom and showered. I spent almost thirty minutes in the shower alone and another hour preparing myself. By the time I reached town, it was already eleven o’clock. I called her up to know where she was exactly.

“Hey mum, I’m in town already. Where are you?” I asked.

“Hey dear, we are at the Plaza Hotel.” She replied.

What did she mean by saying ‘we’? Who was she with?

“You have company?” I asked inquisively.

“Yes. You wont believe who I bumped into while coming over.”

“Who is it?”

“Just come over and see for yourself. My meeting is about to start soon.” she replied and hung up.

As I walked over to the hotel, my phone rang. It was Ann on the phone.

“Hey, where are you?”

“I’m in town meeting with mum.”

“Okay. Anyway, was wondering if you can manage to pass by my office later?”

“I can. Whats up?”

“Its something small you might be interested in.”

“Ill call you after I finish with mum.”

“Okay. See you soon. Say hi to your mum.”

I entered the hotel, I noticed mum next to my cousin Tina. She was a close cousin of mine who was recently married and lived a very posh life. I hurried toward them almost running into the waiter. As I was about to hug her, I noticed bruises on her face. I started asking question but she quickly cut me down, gave me a hug then she looked down. I looked across to my mum and she  motioned me to have a seat.

I have a feeling something is not right.

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