The rest of the night turned out to be more fun. We toasted, made jokes and served up with more food. I had fun.

Since it was about eleven thirty at night, Mike suggested that we cut short the mini party so that people can sleep as they had to be up in the morning. I didnt want Fred to go so suggested to him if he could spend the night at my crib. He smiled at first then remembered he didn’t have change over clothes. So we changed our plans to me accompanying him to his place. Good choice. Apparently Ann and Mike had already decided to go ahead and slept in the bedroom so we just took off to Fred’s.

We held each others hands until we reached his place. He put on some love songs on and asked me to dance with him. I joined him and we danced for a couple of minutes. I hadnt noticed that he had carried the extra wine in the house!

“How did you carry that? I didnt even notice.”

“Yea, thought I should surprise you. Anyway, I didnt want the party to end.”

I laughed. Truth is, I also didnt want the party to end so soon. “So are we gonna toast again?”

“Yes. This time is gonna be for us two!”

It was really romantic. We drank until the bottle was finished. We stood up and started dancing all over the room which was funny by itself. We then kissed for a while. The kissing got so intense until we forgot we were dancing. He pulled me over to his bedroom. I was a little tipsy by then so he carried me over to the bed.

“Why are you laughing?” he asked.

“I love this. I love you getting all romantic.” I replied still smilling at him.

“I’m your man,so let me do that.” He said and winked.

He got down to business.


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