Toast to Me

Mike and Ann were the first to arrive at around seven. Mike was wearing a dark grey suit. I have never seen him in one. He was looking great. Ann didn’t disappoint as she was in a black short skirt, ruffled white blouse and black shoes.

“So tell us about the job.” Ann asked as she sat down on the couch.

“I got the job at Fred’s place. He knew the company was hiring so he told me about it.” I said.

“Wow. Thats nice. Speaking of him, where is Fred?” Mike asked.

“He will be here in a few minutes. In the meantime, would you guys want some juice?” I asked.

Both of them nodded.

I went to the kitchen and poured juice for them in the glasses. While walking back, I heard Fred’s voice. He had already arrived! So I made a quick turn and filled another glass with juice. I took to them and placed them on the table.

“Hey cutie, congratulations!” Fred said while handing me the red wine.

“Thanks dear.” I said while receiving the bottle. I placed it on the table and hugged him.

“Dont forget the kiss.” Fred said while pinching my arm.

I leaned in and gave him one.

After handing them the juice, we talked about my work. It was going to be challenging as it was my ‘real’ job after the internship that i had a few months ago. Mike was very encouring as he kept telling me how all will be too well.

We all felt hungry and proceeded to the kitchen and filled ourselves with food. We went back to the sitting room and talked a little more. Then Fred poured us the wine which he proceeded to give a funny speech accompanying it.

“To my cutie, all the best in your new job. I know you will succeed at the new job because you are a go getter. I hope ill be getting more kisses from you at the office.” Fred said winking at me.

We all laughed. Ann was next.

“To my best friend. All the best. Keep walking with your head high and I love you.”

“I love you too.” I said and hugged her.

Mike rose and smiled. Was he shy?

“To Kate, congratulations. You deserve this and may your career be extensive.”

“Oh Thanks a lot Mike.” I hugged him too.

Fred poured us more wine and shouted. “To Kate!”

The glass clicked and all three of them shouted back. “To Kate!”

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