After a while, Fred, Ann and Mike left me and went to the sitting room. I was overcome by sleep and slept.

I woke up after an hour or so and decided to take a shower. I still smelt like the medicines in the clinic. I felt dirty, guilty and a sinner. Oh God, please forgive me! I dressed up and went to join the crew in the sitting room. As i sat down, Ann rose up and offered me some milk.

“How you feeling?”

“I’m much better Ann.”

“Thats good. I was thinking i go buy dinner before it becomes dark. Would you like anything in particular?”

“I’m okay with anything.”

Mike and Ann left the house afterwards and i was left alone with Fred. I felt like Ann and Mike were using the excuse of food to give Fred and I some space to talk. A huge silence followed after. No one was sure what to say to the other. I decided to start.

“I’m really sorry for not telling you before i went ahead with the procedure.”

“Its okay. At least you are safe but it would have been better you let me know incase something didnt go according to plan.”

“Guess it was because i was terrified of the whole thing. I’m sorry.”

“Now, we better focus on the future. I was to tell you earlier that a vacancy has come up in the office before the whole hospital matter came up. Will you be feeling okay to check it out tomorrow?”

 “Yea. That’s good.”

“Okay. We will go together in the morning. Ill pass by and pick you up.”

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