Over the Moon

Guys, I got the job!
Yes I did.
I got a call at around three in the afternoon from Mrs. Wright informing me of the news. Although I still had to go and sign several documents regarding the work, I was over the moon. I was to report on the first of the other month which was a week away. I know Fred and Ann would be delighted too. I decided to call them both informing them of the new progress.
I dialed Fred first. It was around four in the afternoon and was sure he won’t be too busy.
“Hey, buy some wine when you come home.” I told him.
“Wine? What for?” He asked.
“I got the job. We got to celebrate.”
“What? She called?”
“Yea, she called a while back. Will you bring some wine?”
“Congrats. Yes, the wine will be brought to you lucky one.”
“Thank you. Come early.”
“I will. Make sure there is good food.”
“I’m on it already.” I replied smiling.
“See yah! Congratulations.”
“See you.”
Ann was next on the list. I called and she wasn’t picking. What was going on with this woman? She had developed a habit of not picking calls these days. She better get over it as soon as possible. I left a text message for her to call me.
I got started with the cooking right away. First of all, I needed meat so I had to go all the way to the butchery and pass by the grocery shop to buy some foodstuffs. I started by tenderizing the meat as I cut up some onions as soon as I got back in the house.  I know it may sound cheesy but I cooked rice and meat stew. I didn’t want anything heavy. Since it was midweek, Fred and Ann would be dead tired and had to sleep early because of work. By the time the food was almost cooked, Ann called.
“You got a job?”
“Yes I did. Tried calling you earlier but you weren’t picking.”
“Sorry about that. I was in a meeting with some officials. Congratulations girl.”
“Thank you. Where are you?”
“I’m on my way back home. Ill be there in about twenty minutes.”
“Good. I was preparing some food for my party.”
“You have a party?”
“Kind of. Thought it will be fun to catch up with all of you. You guys have been so supportive of me.”
“Okay. It’s a nice idea.”
“You can bring Mike around .There is enough food to feed us all.” I said.
“Ill ask him but I know he will be glad to.” Ann said.
“Okay. See you later in a few minutes.”
“See you.”

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