Its a tough world out here

With each small step I took while walking to Mrs. Wright office, the more my heart was pounding. I swear I could feel a drip of sweat up my forehead! I had been called in after waiting for approximately twelve minutes. Through the glass door, I could see Mrs. Wright sitting on her chair reading a document.

I knocked. She let me in.

I walked to where she was and greeted her. She smiled back and asked me to take a seat next to her mahogany executive table.

“So, let get this done with. I have only a few minutes.” she started.

I nodded and said. “Okay.”

Still reading the documents, which I came to realize later was my resume, she asked if I could give her more time to finish what she was doing. This gave me the time to check her out. She was beautiful. She was about thirty five years of age, light skinned with curly hair draping her face. Her low cut black dress enhanced her features well. She was wearing a small silver earring which matched her bracelet. I noticed a picture of a little girl of which i immediately concluded was her daughter. The girl looked very similar to her. Files also took the most part of the table with the laptop sitting adorably at the middle of it all. She rose her head and started.

For the following half an hour or so, I was grilled regarding the job. It was so tough that by the time I left the office, I was exhausted despite it being only ten o’clock. Fred wasn’t lying when he told me the lady was tough! It was a matter of waiting for the response regarding the interview. As I was leaving, I tried to peep at Fred but couldn’t see him so I texted him to tell him of the interview and had left the building.

“Haven’t done that bad, have I?” I found myself asking aloud while taking the lift out of the office.


  1. cookieiskuku

    Hi, I am really liking the story thus far though sometimes it feels a bit rushed. Take time describing the scene, set-up and mood(though am no expert but I know I like to be in the story).

    This is a plea please make the posts longer, otherwise I absolutely like the blog.

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