Its a mess

I woke up in the morning to find myself alone in the bedroom. Fred wasn’t on his side of the bed. I guessed he had already gone to work. I rose my head up and looked around. I could see the sun ray’s through the window and could tell it was around mid morning. Next to the bed, my clothes were still on the floor so I put them on and decided to go to the next room.

The room was dead silent. I could see it was already ten o’clock from the wall clock above the television in the room. I switched on telly and sat on the couch to check what was on. The music channel was on so I added up the volume up then went to the kitchen. The fridge was empty which was weird. How can they have a fridge on without anything in? So I took two slices of bread that was placed on the table and ate some.

After washing up, I called Fred. He took long before he could answer. I informed him I was leaving his place and headed to mine so I would lock up the place and he could get the keys from my place. He was okay with it so I was on my way home.

My place was even worse. The room was quiet, the utensils still on the table and the furniture all over the room. I kind of expected that since we slept very late and they had to report to work! Across to Ann’s bedroom, the bed was unmade. I have never witnessed Ann leaving the bed like that. She was one of the few people who couldn’t leave the bed unmade until it was perfect. Anyway, I can understand the situation.

I changed into shorts and started cleaning up the house. It was all a mess. From the bedroom, to the kitchen out to the balcony. Vacuuming was not helping at all so I opted for a bucket of water and soap. The cleaning process took almost three hours and at the end, I was too tired to do anything so a nap was the next option.

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