Crossing my fingers…

Early the next morning. I got a call from Fred waking me up. Damn, it was five thirty in the morning. I took a warm shower, dressed and prepared myself while waiting for him to pick me up at my house as i was situated near the bus stop than him. At exactly six twenty he showed up. We walked for a little while to the bus stop speaking generally about the news making headlines. I guessed he avoided the topic of what had happened the day before.

We arrived to his office and found three of his workmates already on their desks. The office design was superb. The reception desk was the first thing i noticed when i walked inside. It was designed in a circular motion with a black base and a mirror on top of it. The monitor was placed on top of the desk and a miniature waterfall beside it. I loved it. The walls in the office were painted bright blue with red contrast designs on it. It was an open spaced office with desks being shared between two of the staff. We moved on a little bit to Fred’s workplace. It was on the corner of the office. I sat down on the adjacent chair started to read a magazine that was on the table.

Meanwhile, Fred went and picked out some application forms that one had to fill for the vacancy. He brought them after like five minutes and i started filling them up. He asked me later to wait at the reception for the Human Resources Manager to come. The vacancy was for an administrator officer to fill up for the one who had just left. The company wanted to fill it up as soon as possible for the smooth running of the office. The company was a well known design company and Fred was working as an IT consultants. He wasn’t paid that much but it helped him with the bills and other needs.

A while later, a lady came in through the door dressed in a black dress,brown belt and brown heels. She strode to an open office near where Fred was. A minute passed and Fred went in. I could see them talking and i got the feeling that they were talking about me as they were gesturing at my direction. Fred came out and walked towards my direction.

“Kate, the HR has come in. She is called Mrs. Ross Wright and she is about to call you in.” he started.

I breathed in then said. “Okay. How is she like?”

“She is a no nonsense woman but just tell her the truth regarding what she asks you.” he responded.


“You will be called in maybe in five minutes. Go in with your papers just incase its an interview.”

Thank God i was dressed officially!

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