Unable to move, i slept on the bed waiting for Ann to come over. I didnt know how long she was going to take as she was at work at the time i called. It was barely three months since she got the job and there she was rushing out to come see me. What a good friend she was! She didnt even ask what i was doing in this street since it had a reputation of all the illegal things you can imagine.

I looked over at my phone to check the time. It was twenty three minutes to twelve. Time was not moving. A minute seemed like eternity. Flashbacks, wishes, regrets and tears all came. I really needed company right now. I wish Fred was here. He could have calmed me down. I was still nervous about the whole abortion thing and still not sure if it was the right move.He had suggested i go through this but i didnt agree with him at the time. I know he will be mad with me not telling him of my plans. I wish i had. Definately we were not prepared to carry the pregnancy full term.

The room that i was placed in was depressing at most. The ceiling was white, completely white. The walls matched the ceiling and the other bed in the room gave it a contrast. The bedding’s were light blue with the hospital name printed at the corner of the top cover. I was all alone. I could hear the clock above my head tick with each second passing. The nurse had came earlier to give me some food to eat. She assured me the food would bring some energy back since i had lost a lot of blood. It was tasteless.

Tempted to look at the my phone to check the time, I gave in. It was five minutes to twelve. Where was Ann? I decided to check on her. I called but she wasn’t picking her phone. I tried again. No reply. The third try, she picked it up.

“Hey, sorry. I was alighting from the bus.”

“I was worried for a second there.”

“I think it should be the other way around. Now where are you?”

“At the clinic next to Patsy’s cafeteria.”

“Are you sick?” She asked.


“Then what you doing at the clinic?”

I wish she could just stop asking this questions and come over.

“Ann, just come and pick me up. Ill tell you more when you are here.”



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