Pain, Issues and Anger

I heard Ann’s voice at the reception asking about me. After a while, the nurse brought her to the room where i was.

“Oh God, Kate, what is wrong?”

“Hi Ann. Please get me out of here.”

“Why are you in this place?” Ann asked touching my forehead.

“Ann, i have just had an abortion.”

“What? But i thought you were unsure about it just yesterday.”

“I decided to go ahead with it this morning.”

“Of all the hospitals, you choose this one?” Ann asked looking around the room obviously disgusted.

“Would you mind taking me home?” I told her noticing that she was focusing her mind to the state of the clinic.

“Yea, sure.”

Ann helped me dress up as i was still too weak to do anything. She packed my bag that had fallen from the bed and assisted me out of the hospital. She hailed a cab and guided the driver to our place. I felt like tearing up climbing the stairs to the house. My tummy hurt. I was sweating and feeling a little bit nauseated. Finally, after almost half an hour, i was in the house and went directly to my bed.

I woke up after a while and saw Fred, Mike and Ann all siting on my bed. I opened my eyes and heard Fred asking Ann how i was doing. Mike was holding Ann’s hand as she spoke. She was tearing up! Was i in a bad state?

I tried to speak but i was too weak to even call out their names. So i rose my hand and touched Fred on his back. He jumped up and looked at me. I smiled at him. He didnt smile back. Instead, he put his hands in his trouser pockets and asked how i was doing. I nodded gesturing i was okay. Ann wiped off her tears, bent over to hug me then kissed me on my cheek.

Why was Fred acting wierd?


  1. Kate's World

    Anonymous: Yes, i have come to realize later that i did the abortion too quickly. Although it was Fred's idea, i didn't include him in the decision so he feels kind of left out.
    Thanks for reading!

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