After the task

The doctor lied!

The damn procedure was so painful i fainted at the table-if what i was told its true. When i went into the hospital, i was not prepared for such kind of thing. I had a weird taste in my mouth, my tummy still hurt and worse of it all, as i woke up, i was still bleeding. The doctor and the nurse were still trying to contain the bleeding and this scared the hell out of me.

After a few minutes, the bleeding stopped but i had already started feeling a little bit light headed. I asked for my bag where i called Ann. She was the only one who could help me now. After trying three times on her cell without much success, i gave up. Where was she?

Just then, she called.

“Hi there?” Ann started.

“Ann i need your help.”

“What is wrong? Are you okay?”

“Im in a hospital and I need you.”

“Which hospital?” she asked. She was starting to tense.

“Just come along Lakeview street next to the eatery.”

“Okay. I will be there in a few.” She said and hung up.

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