“Did I hear that well? You are pregnant?” Ann asked.
“Yes. I’m three weeks along.”
“That’s a surprise.”
“I need your help.” I asked.
“On what?”
“I need your advice on this Ann.”
Ann let out a laugh. “How can I help you?”
“What’s funny?”
“I’m just curious. When were you planning to tell me about this?”
“I was going to.”
“Kate, we have been friends for so long. I would have thought i could be the first to even see you at the hospital.”
“I’m really sorry. Everything went so fast and I was scared.  Fred was angry with me and I didn’t know if it would be good to call you at that time.”
“You could have.”
“I’m sorry.”
“So what did Fred say about the whole thing?”
“He was confused I guess but he acted like a damn ass. He wanted to know whose baby I was carrying.”
“What?” Ann asked.
“Yea, we argued for a while about it.”
“So what are you guys planning?”
“I don’t know yet. Fred was suggesting I remove it as he is not prepared for the whole thing.”
“Man, that’s tough.”
“Yep. It is. That is why I wanted your advice.” I said looking at her.

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