Ann was my only hope in this matter. I wanted to hear what she would say regarding the events that had happened. Since I came out of the hospital, I haven’t told her of the results I got so it was going to be a long talk.
Looking at the clock hang on the wall, it was about fifteen minutes to the time Ann arrived. She usually arrives at around six o’clock on most days and I figured she would make it on time today. My meeting with Frank didn’t go as I expected because after he proposed the abortion option, we argued then he stormed out. I didn’t get it; first, he accuses me of not taking precaution when we should be both blamed for this. Second, he suggests I go do an abortion as he is not ready for ‘it’. He didn’t wait to hear my opinion so he thinks I wanted this. What is wrong with him?
Ann comes through the door with a box on her hand and I quickly figure it out that is cake. I wonder what the occasion is.
“Hey, what’s cooking?” She asks as the strides into the kitchen.
“I haven’t figured it out yet.”
“Anyway, I got cake. We can use it as dinner?” She says with a smirk on her face.
“So what’s the cake for? Any occasion?” I ask.
“You dont remember?”
“Remember what?” 

“What? You mean you forgot?”
“What?”I ask.
“Today is my birthday! How can you forget?”
Oh dear…I forgot her birthday! I’m in shit!!

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