Forth on the line

I spent the night at Frank’s place but today I woke up with a headache. I don’t think I have ever been in so much pain before. I couldn’t move so I asked Frank to assist me get up as he was preparing to go to work. He assisted me to the bathroom to take a shower but before I removed my t-shirt, I felt like throwing up. Don’t ask how I got to the toilet but in a second, I was kneeling over it and puking my stomach out.
“Are you okay in there?” Frank shouted after I dashed into the bathroom.
I didn’t answer.
“Hey, are you okay?”
“No.” I responded tried to help myself up.
“What is wrong?”
“I think I need to see a doctor.”
I came out of the bathroom and explained to him how I was feeling. The nausea and the headache were messing me up. Since he had to go to work, he called Mike to take me to the hospital which was a few blocks away. Mike was too happy to assist which made me think he was trying to apologize again. I couldnt refuse the help.
Mike took me to Frank’s room where he gave me a few minutes to dress up and took a cab to the hospital.
Despite it being seven in the morning, there was a sizeable crowd of sick people around. Mike went over the reception while I looked for a sit as the nausea was kicking in again. After a few minutes, he came and joined me.
“The nurse says it will only be a few minutes.” Mike said trying to calm me. “We are the forth on the line.”
I didn’t care about the number. I’m scared.

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