Circus in my head

After about an hour, I was called in. Mike helped me inside to one of the doctors’ offices that I was directed to. Dr. Stevens was a well built, light skinned and spectacled doctor who really looked young. I think I second guessed him. His office had white walls, a dark brown office table with accompanying chairs. I saw a bed at the side of the room partially hidden by the crisp white curtains dividing the office into two. The air smelled like antiseptic. I wanted to puke.
He asked the questions, I answered.
He sent me to the lab to undergo some test to determine what I had. This involved needles and a sample of urine. I didn’t understand the urine part but I went along with it. Despite it being hard to balance peeing in the small bottle that I was given, I pitied the patients who were asked for a stool sample. Ha!  
The results were to be out by an hour. Inside, the doctor was waiting for me with the report. He started.
“I just got back your test. I think you will be happy to know that you are three weeks along.” He said smiling.
“Three weeks along for what?” I asked. My heart stopped.
“Sorry. I meant to say you are three weeks pregnant.”
“Yes, you are positive. That was what was causing the nausea.”
I didn’t know what to say. I looked up to Mike and he too seemed dazzled to what he was hearing. I can’t be pregnant. I have been with Frank for a short while and I hadn’t planned for this.
“Kate, are you okay?” Dr. Stevens asked.
“No. This is all confusing.”
“I think you should talk to your husband here and try to talk about it.” He said pointing to Mike.
“No, I’m not married and he is not my boyfriend.” I replied quickly trying to avoid the matter.
“Oh sorry about that.”
I left the hospital more sick than I came. Maybe the doctor confused my test with another patient? And what if it is true that I’m pregnant? What would Frank say?


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