A Miracle

Before I headed home, I decided to go and visit my cousin Tina on the other side of town. She had recently had a baby and I hadn’t gone to check up on her. Although we had grown together, we had spent so much time away from each other. She had gotten married early even before we started college.
Tina lived on the upper side of town where all the palatial homes where located. She was a stay at home mum since she got her first born son four years ago. Her husband, Tim, was a businessman dealing with importation and trading in of cars. He was rarely at home so it was upon Tina to look after the family.
As I approached the house, I noticed her sitting at the patio holding the baby. I let myself in through the gate and went towards her. She smiled as she saw me and stood up, the baby in hand, and shouted my name.
“Hi Kate.”
“Tina.” I responded as I hugged her. “I’m good.”
“It’s so nice to see you. I thought you decided to give us a blackout.”
“No, I can’t do that. I was busy with some stuff.”
“Have a seat and tell us about it all.” She said while pointing to a chair nearby.
“Nothing much. I was just busy looking for work in various organizations. Oh, the baby looks so cute, can I hold her?” I asked excitedly.
She handed me the baby and I held her on my lap. She was sleeping and her little hands were over her face.
“Congratulations on the new baby Tina.” I said still looking at the baby.
“Thanks dear. She is a miracle in herself.”
“Why do you say that?”
“She came out early. Her umbilical cord was tangled around her neck and it would complicate both our lives so the doctors decided to operate.”
“What? That was traumatic for you.”
“Yea, but all went on well. I’m glad she is okay.”
“Thank God for that. So what did you name her?”
“She is Lily after my mother.” Tina replied smiling.
“That’s a really pretty name.”
“Thought so too. Why don’t we go indoors and have some drinks?”
As we stood up and walked into the house, I couldn’t help but admire Tina’s life. She seemed to have it all.

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