Keep Strong

With a few hours remaining till the day ends, I decide to head to my own place. I had to go and tell Ann the good news on the interview that was taking place this coming Monday. I knew she would be really happy if I manage to get a job too as I was falling to hard times.
Frank walked me to the door then he returned. As I entered the house, I heard Mike’s voice. Damn, the dude had not left! I just could not stand him. I used my keys and entered the house forcing a smile across my face.
“Hi guys.” I said walking inside.
“Hi,” They both answered looking up.
I walked directly to my bedroom before calling Ann inside. She gave me a weird look as she stepped in.
“What’s up?”
“I got a call from a company asking me to go for an interview.” I replied.
“What? When?”
“I received the call about three hours ago. The interview is on Monday.”
“Congratulations. I’m sure you are going to get it.” She said while giving me a hug.
“Yea, hope so.”
“That’s good. Why don’t you join us? We were watching a movie.” she asked.
“Nah, ill pass. I have some stuff to do.”
“Kate, when will you stop avoiding Mike?”
“I don’t know. I’m not comfortable around him and I thought you understood that.”
“I know but I’m around to support you.”
“Maybe next time.” I replied and started folding some clothes that were on my bed.

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