Friends Again..

Back home, I tried calling Frank but the call wasn’t going through. Frustrated, I decided to go over to his place and see what he was up to since we last talked. I really missed him.
His front door was open so I pushed and entered. Mike was on the couch reading a newspaper and Frank had the remote on his hand. As I walked in, my shoes gave me away and they both looked up.
“Kate, what’s up?” Frank asked.
“Hi guys.” I said joining them on the couch.
Frank switched off the television, leaned on me and started asking how my day was and the interview. Mike decided to start doing some projects of his own maybe to relieve the tension in the room. He poured us some juice and went back to him room.
I was so happy that Frank had asked about me so I started telling him on what I went through and my visit to Tina. He chipped in and told me about his too. Apparently his company was undergoing restructuring so there was a lot of changes.
“Ah, Kate. Do you have a moment? I would like to speak with you.” I heard Mike voice behind us. 

I didnt know what to say so i just nodded. Frank excused himself and left the room to his bedroom.

“Kate, I wanted to apologise again on what happened the other day.” He started.
“Mike, its okay.”
“No, I need your forgiveness. I did something silly and you dont deserve it.”

“I have already forgiven you Mike. I just havent told you about it.”

“Thank you Kate. So we still friends?”

“Yes. We are.” I replied as Frank walked back to the room.

“Thank you.” He said and excused himself.

Frank gave me a wierd look and asked. “Are you guys okay?”


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