The D-Day

The interview is scheduled today at eleven o’clock and I am so nervous. Despite being a few minutes early, it could not calm my nerves. The sight of eight other people waiting for the same interview kind of threw me off the radar. Would I really make it? I have been waiting to have a job like forever and this was my chance. I sneaked and went to the washroom where i called my mum. She gave me some encouragement which made me relax a little bit.

Two more candidates walked in on the waiting area and i wondered how many of us had been called for the same interview. I knew it was only one position that was being sorted after but all of us together was making this hard.
About two minutes to the set time, the receptionist came and informed us of how it will go. She was to call each of our names out and proceed to the interview room where the process would unfold. I was number three on the list. Man, I swear my heart would easily jump out of my body.
An hour passed and I was through with the interview. It was hard. I was interviewed by a panel of four men and a lady. Answering the questions without fidgeting when they were shooting the questions all at once was quiet a task that I hadn’t prepared. I was told to await the feedback after two days. I left the offices and went to the bus stop to take the bus home. I checked my phone and found three messages. I quickly changed it from silent mode to outdoor profile and checked the messages. Two were from Frank and one from Ann. They were both wishing me the best. How sweet! I sent each of them a text back and informed them on how it went.

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