We left with Frank to his place just to avoid the tension that was in my house with Mike. Frank wasn’t saying much. I guessed he was caught in the middle of all of this drama considering he was best friends with Mike and I was his girlfriend at the moment. He just didn’t know which side to lean on.
We decided to watch a movie. Although the movie was awesome, I found myself dozing a little bit. When I couldn’t take it anymore so leaned in on Frank and took a nap.
I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing on the table. I looked around but I was alone. I was still lying on the sofa and the room was so quiet. I looked at my phone but could not recognize the number but I decided to answer it. The lady on the line introduced herself as Rose and she asked if I had applied a job at their firm. Truth be told, I had sent so many applications I couldn’t remember the name so I just said yes. She asked me to go for an interview on Monday at 11a.m. She gave me directions then hang up.
Excitedly I decided to tell Frank about this. I went to his bedroom but he wasn’t in. I shouted his name and he responded from the kitchen. He was preparing some food when I entered. I told him about the call and he hugged me. He congratulated me and asked me to taste his food.
“Wow, that’s nice.” I said after licking the spoon.
“Thanks. I didn’t think you would mind some meat stew with white rice. I bet you hungry.”
“Damn I am. I can’t wait.”
“Okay. Please go set the table while I wait for the stew to be ready.”
After a few minutes, we were on the dining table feasting on the meal. With a few laughs in between, I couldn’t help wish life was this good. I was enjoying the good food, a good man by my side and a job that may be mine!

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