What if’s and What not

Finally, after a long journey, I arrive back at my apartment in the city.
Today being a Saturday, I expected to find Ann in the house but she wasn’t. I walked into our room to place my luggage when I stepped on something. I switched on the lights to see what was it was only to find some food on the floor. Weird! Ann doesn’t like eating food in the bedroom. The room itself was in a mess with her clothes all over the bed. What the heck!?
I decided to call her up and find out where she was at the moment but it was going directly to voicemail. I tried again but still on voice mail so I left a message.
After a few minutes cleaning up the food, I went to the bathroom to freshen up before figuring what I would prepare for dinner. As soon as I put on the shower, I heard some noises. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from so I switched off the shower and listened. It was coming from the bedroom.
I grabbed my towel quickly and wrapped myself up and started to tiptoe towards the bedroom. Still in shock, I stood there for a minute deciding if I should scream or go and check it out. I decided on the latter. I opened the door slowly checked it out. There was no one.
Shaken, I tried calling Ann’s number but it was still directing me to the voice mail. I called Fred up just to check if he knew where Ann was but he said he saw her yesterday. I didn’t want to sound so scared so I just cut the conversation short and told him I was back in town.
Just then, Ann walked in. She gave me a puzzled look then hugged me.
“Gal, where had you been? I missed you.” She said.
“I thought I told you I went home. And what’s up with you going to voice mail? I have left you a dozen messages.” I replied.
“Sorry about that. I lost my phone yesterday evening when I was coming back from work.” She responded.
“How? And on that note, I think someone was in the house.” I said.
“I came in about ten minutes ago and decided to take a shower and heard some noises. What if Mike decided to come back?”
“Are you sure? I hope it is not your imagination screwing you up!” She said smiling.
“I’m serious.”
“I didn’t mean in a bad way. I don’t think Mike would dare came back and do that.”
“Are you sure?” I asked fearing the worst.
“I am.” Ann shouted back as she went into the kitchen. “Just check if something is missing from the room.”
“How can I tell something is missing will all your junk spread all over the bedroom?” I said and went to the bathroom.


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