Surprises come in the morning

I woke up the next morning at around 8 o’clock. As I dragged myself to the washroom, I passed by Ann’s bed and she was not in. I looked over the living room and the balcony but there was no one. That was weird. Yesterday as we came back together with Frank, I didn’t find her in the house so I assumed she decided to go have some fun but will be back in the morning. I returned to the bedroom to check on Frank but he was still sleeping.
I went to the kitchen and started preparing some breakfast for Frank incase he will need something to eat. I didn’t like having breakfast but I was really hungry so I decided to cook some pancakes.
“Hey Cutie.” Frank said while standing at the kitchen door with his briefs.
“Hey.” I replied and gave him a hug.
“You sure know how to treat a man!” He said while looking at the plate of pancakes that I had already made.
“I thought you might be hungry.” I replied.
“I’m really hungry. Let me wash up and come feast on them.” He said and disappeared into the bedroom.
Half an hour later, we indulged the morning treats while watching cartoon on the telly. Just then, the door opened and Ann appeared accompanied by Mike! Ann was with Mike? 
“Hey guys.” Ann asked as she walked in.
“We good.”  Frank replied.

“Hi Kate, how are you doing?” Mike asked when he noticed i had freaked out.

“Good i guess.” I replied.

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