“What are you doing here?” I asked Mike while moving close to Fred.
“Hello Kate. I wanted to come and apologize personally about the little incident that happened.” He responded.
“Little incident? Was that ‘little’ to you?”
“I’m so sorry. I…”
“You what? You almost raped me was it not for Fred coming into the house.”
“I was drunk Kate.”
“Certainly you were.” I said while looking at Ann. She could have at least told me they were coming over together.
“Kate, am so sorry on what happened the other day. Would you please forgive me.”
I didn’t know how to respond. It wasn’t easy to forgive him. How did one start the journey to forgive such a man? 
I excused myself and went to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water and I was about to drink when Ann came into the room.
“Ann, why didn’t you tell me you were coming over with him? Where you guys together yesterday evening?” I asked.
“I knew if I told you he wanted to come over, you would not let him. Yes, were together last night.”
I was caught unawares with that.
“Are you guys back together?”
“Kinda. We sorted things out but enough about us, what do you think of his request?”
“What request?” I asked knowing too well what she was asking.
“To forgive him. He is really sorry Kate.”
I looked at Ann then went back to the living room. I didn’t have an answer.

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